31 Days

It was late in September when I realized there was such a thing as a 31 Days of writing challenge for the month of October. I thought about trying to join in but wasn't sure if I could keep up with it and thought there would be so many that mine really wouldn't matter much.  I guess that is what my friend, Abby, calls scarcity - thinking that there wasn't room for mine.

A few days ago I realized that I had written almost every day so far this month missing only 4 days. I decided to look back over what I have written to see if there was a common thread. What I found was love, faith and creativity; hence the title 31 Days of Love, Faith and Creativity.

Even though the month is about half over I decided to jump in and take the challenge of continuing to write each day throughout the month of October on the interweaving themes of love, faith and creativity.

This is the page where you will find all the posts. Feel free to peruse the titles to see if any interest you.

Day 1: The Sky, a Haiku
Day 2:
Day 3: Hear My Prayer
Day 4: My First Year of Blogging: Looking Back
Day 5:
Day 6: My Piano, the Beginning
Day 7:
Day 8: Things I Believe
Day 9: I Will Say Yes
Day 10: Five Minute Friday: Care
Day 11:
Day 12: Is This What I Lack?
Day 13: First Home and Birth of a Baby
Day 14: Give Me Grace, Lord
Day 15: What is Love?
Day 16: Some Scenes of Fall
Day 17: What Do I Long For?
Day 18: Relaxation and Art Journaling
Day 19: Grace for Every Need
Day 20: Of Dogs and Babies
Day 21: Why Must He Suffer?
Day 22: Changing Sky, Unchangeable God
Day 23: Enough for All
Day 24: Five Minute Friday: Dare
Day 25: Beauty Can Always Be Found
Day 26: Grace to You
Day 27: Another Move, Another Baby
Day 28: Different Kinds of Hope
Day 29: A Creative October
Day 30: A Touch of Love
Day 31: Leaving and Looking Forward

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