Monday, April 25, 2016

U is for Uakari

Doesn't this monkey look interesting? With such a red face you'd think he was embarrassed all the time. The reason for the red coloring is that the skin is thin and has many tiny capillaries filled with blood just below the surface. A pale face would indicate that the uakari was not healthy.

Uakari are pretty small as monkeys go. Their length is anywhere from 15-22.5 inches, with their weight ranging from 6.5-7.7 pounds. Their fur is long and thick. The color can be reddish brown, black or white. 

Uakari live in South America mainly in Brazil, Peru and parts of Columbia. They spend most of their time high up in the trees and usually live in groups of about 10 to 30, although sometimes there are as many as 100. Their tails are very short so they are not able to hang from trees as other monkeys. 

Uakari do not reproduce as often as other animals bearing only one infant every couple of years. Their diet includes mostly fruits, leaves, insects and some small animals. They have powerful jaws and can easily crack open a Brazil nut, which has a very hard shell.

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