Thursday, April 21, 2016

R is for Raccoon Dog

Look at these cute, furry animals! Aren't they adorable? Well, maybe from a distance. I'm not sure I'd want to get close to one.

They may look similar to raccoons and even wash their food like raccoons, but are not related to them at all. Raccoon dogs are actually mammals from the canid family which includes dogs, wolves and foxes. They are found in Japan and across Europe. They are fairly small animals weighing anywhere from 14-22 pounds, with their length measuring from 18-20 inches. 

They are the only canid animal that can hibernate. That doesn't mean they sleep all winter long, but can sleep through harsh snow storms when there is not enough food. They become more active as warmer spring weather appears.

Raccoon dogs live in packs and their lifespan is only 3-8 years. Frogs and fish and small rodents make up part of their diet. They will also eat eggs, small birds, spiders and insects. Sometimes they will eat fruits and berries and have been known to climb trees to find food.

To read more about raccoon dogs you can go to Wikipedia, a-z animals, and Mental Floss.

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