Saturday, April 16, 2016

N is for Numbat

The numbat is a small marsupial but does not have a pouch like other marsupials. They live in western Australia. A small animal, they weigh anywhere from about 10 to a little over 24 ounces and range from 14-18 inches long.

Numbats are omniverous, but they eat mostly termites. Their tongues are long and they produce a sticky saliva which probably helps them in scooping up the termites. The numbat is sometimes called a banded anteater, but it doesn't eat ants intentionally.

They sleep in burrows at night and search for termites during the day. Young numbats are not left by their mothers until they are a few months old. At that time they are left in the burrow while the mother looks for food. She comes back periodically to give them milk.

The numbat lives mostly in forests that include eucalyptus trees. They can climb trees, leap and are very nimble. They are considered to be an endangered species. According to a-z animals, there are estimated to be only 1500 left in the world.

Other information can be found at Bagheera and Wikipedia.

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