Saturday, April 16, 2016

L is for Loris

What do you think of these great big eyes? They remind me of ewoks from Star Wars. There are several kinds including loris, slender loris and slow loris, and they are also primates. 

All lorises are nocturnal. They are either without tails or have very short ones. They may be distantly related to the lemurs of Madagascar.

They spend most of their time high in the trees in tropical areas of Asia including areas of India, China and the Philippines. Insects, fruits, eggs, lizards and small birds make up part of their diet.

The slow loris looks rather cute and cuddly, but is more dangerous than you would think. Unlike most mammals, their bite is toxic. Even though their prey may get away, they usually die from the poison.

Toes and fingers of the slow loris are exceptionally strong. Their grip is powerful and enables them to hold on for an incredible amount of time.

The lifespan of a loris is around 20 years. They are not very large animals ranging in length from about 8 - 10 inches. When sleeping they curl into a ball tucking their heads under their arms. They don't usually move very quickly, but can put on short bursts of speed.

More information can be found in Wikipedia HERE and HERE, at the Duke Lemur Center and at Encyclopedia Brittanica.

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