Sunday, March 13, 2016

From Darkness to Light

When I woke up this morning it was still very dark. Daylight Savings Time and I don't get along very well. To top it off, rain was hammering loudly on our metal roof. Needless to say, I wasn't looking forward to arising. It was tempting to pull up the covers, turn over and go back to sleep. Instead, I got up, dressed and went downstairs to find something for breakfast.

On the way to church I felt sleepy and even during the service I had to fight back yawns. The yawning made my eyes water, and one time during a prayer, I caught myself nodding. I sat up straighter and willed myself to stay awake.

It was important for me to be there this morning.

There is something about worshiping corporately with others who love Jesus. From the choir to the congregational singing to the sermon to the prayers and responses and finally partaking of Communion; all of it together helps turn my focus to God. I am struck by my sinfulness and my need for forgiveness, but also by the love of God and the mercy He shows.

The prayers and responses are especially meaningful during Lent.

Many of them include asking God to have mercy on us, to spare us, to deliver us, and to hear us as we pray. It may seem like a lot of repetition, and it is, but for me it brings home my need for Christ. Life can often be full of hardships, but knowing God is with me is a great comfort.

Starting out this morning my attitude wasn't the best, but after spending time worshiping, visiting and practicing with the choir I was refreshed. Our church is a praying church and I believe God is working and drawing us into a closer relationship with each other and with Him. People genuinely care about each other.

This afternoon the sun came out and we had a beautiful day after all.

(photo taken with a Samsung Galaxy S7)

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