Saturday, February 27, 2016

Rise Up With Hope

My friend, Jolene Underwood, has started a movement called Rise Up Writers. In her words, 
This movement is a call for Christ followers to use words well, whether as an entrepreneur, a fiction writer, a blogger or simply as one who engages in the world of social media." 

She encourages us to seek Christ first of all and to live for Him. As we do this our lives can shine as lights in a dark world pointing others to Christ. 

In her first linkup, Jolene asks the question, "What does it mean to Rise Up with your words?"  As I thought about it I realized that it isn't always easy to share my words. I don't know how they will be accepted. Those kinds of thoughts seem to come when I begin to focus on myself rather than on Christ. I let the fear of man become a trap and cause me to wonder if my words are really needed.

When I spend time with God in prayer and in reading His word, the Holy Spirit does bring peace. I am reminded that I am a child of God and He is the one I answer to, not other people. When I share my heart here on this blog, I do so because I want others to know God and to find the peace that I have.

To Rise Up with my words means that I will continue to speak and write for God even though others may not agree. I don't have to worry, because I know that God will use my words for His purposes. I may at times feel vulnerable and unsure about publishing on my blog, but I will do it anyway, because I know I am being obedient to the One who has called me.

My friend, Marvia Davidson, has started a linkup called #AffirmingFridays. This week she is focusing on hope. In her words, 
I’m reflecting on having hope when life is troubling. Particularly I am pondering what it means to hold on to those things that are good, right, noble, honorable, true, and lovely even when life isn’t so pretty. This means, at least for me, I need to engage and practice and activate my faith as I believe it bolsters my hope.

I think Jolene and Marvia are on to something and I want to be a part of a movement that calls us to live out our faith in practical ways so that we can shine lights into these troubling times. Be sure to click on the links below to read more of their words. Anywhere we are we can Rise Up to share the HOPE we have found in Christ. We'd love for you to join us. 

(photograph and poem by Gayl Wright)

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