Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Restoring my Quiet Place

Back in June I wrote a blog post about setting aside a place in my bedroom for writing and praying. I was hoping to start a practice of praying several times a day. Since that time I have gotten away from using that space very often. Little things creep in, a schedule gets interrupted and my good intentions have flown away.

One problem which I have mentioned before is how social media gobbles up a lot of time. It starts innocently enough by reading emails, checking on Facebook groups, then on to reading blog posts and making comments. All of these are good things, but when other areas are being neglected I need to make some changes.

In Lisha Epperson's post for #GiveMeGrace she tells about a small used desk she has purchased to be used for her space. Here is what she says about it.
"For some time now I’ve craved something I couldn’t name. The desk is that thing. The desk is the fulfillment of a quiet wish for space, for room to think and breathe. Giving a name to that need fills me – it satisfies."

 Before she brought the desk into her room she ran her hand across it and said a prayer of blessing, because she wants God to use it in her life. In her words,
"The desk is a promise to humbly surrender to Gods reconstruction of my life. I purpose to give Him room." 

Like Lisha, I also want to give God room and be open to His leading. I have recently acquired a small round table that belonged to my paternal grandmother, and had already put it in place of the folding card table I had been using in my bedroom spot. 

When I read Lisha's article I was inspired. It reminded me of my desire to spend more time in prayer and contemplation before God, even though I had let other things push it aside.

The table had been neglected, but it was still waiting for me. I got out my homemade furniture polish to freshen it up a bit. Finishing touches included a scented candle, my Bible and some books to enhance the time I would spend there. The wooden rocker has been replaced with my mother's old Lazyboy rocker and the lamp belonged to my husband's mother. 

It's almost like sitting with those who have come before me.

It does seem more inviting to have a special place to tend to your heart. Just before bedtime last night, I sat there with a cup of Mint Melange tea while I read, prayed and reviewed the dayI thanked God for new friends and for time to rest. When I climbed into bed to continue my nightly Bible reading, I felt more peace and continued communing with God as I settled down for the night. It wasn't perfect, and I did end up chatting on my phone with a daughter just before I turned out the light, but the sense of peace was still there as I drifted off to sleep.

I want to establish a routine of starting each day with some prayer and contemplation, but old habits are hard to break. The first thing I did this morning even before getting dressed was to check the messages and Facebook groups on my phone as usual. This is not always a bad thing as I am able to see any prayer requests first thing and can pray as I am getting ready to head downstairs for breakfast. 

My goal is not to be rigid and think I have to get up at a certain time, have my prayer time the same each day, and force myself to fit a schedule. No, I want the time in my special place to be something I eagerly await. Getting up extra early doesn't usually work for me, and would probably disturb my husband since my special place is in the bedroom. What I purpose to do is spend just a few minutes praying before getting out of bed. Then after breakfast I can take extra time at my special place.

What about you? Do you have a special place to pray, write, read or think?

Maybe your days are filled with little ones needing your attention and you don't have the luxury of a time of quiet. If that is the case, you can just send up little prayers in snatches throughout the day. The important thing is knowing God is there and hears our prayers. He can give peace and comfort in the midst of storms. 

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