Monday, February 15, 2016

My Little Corner

Indigo curtains sway
touched by a gentle breeze
wafting through the window

A lamp of pink tulips
illumines the wooden
claw-footed round table

A yellow highlighter
sits ready to mark words
as I read my Bible

Subtle hints of orange
fill the air with fragrance
as scented candle burns

Inspiration appears
through paintings on the wall
lovingly made by friends

Art supplies wait nearby
ready to be employed
in a creative way

Inspiring music plays
lyrics of truth and grace
streaming from a cell phone

Thinking about my life
I see how God has blessed
My grateful heart sings praise

I'm linking up with:
#LMMLinkup (Literacy Musing Mondays)

This poem was originally inspired by a prompt from Beth Morey on our Facebook page for the ecourse Poetry Is. She suggested we walk around the room or outdoors jotting down what we see, think of adjectives to describe the words we chose and then write a poem.

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