Thursday, February 11, 2016

An Imagining

(picture taken from my back driveway)

I am the colors of the sunset,

ablaze with yellows, blues and pinks

I am a sphere

bouncing through the portals of life

I am a clear voice

full of sparkling diamonds

I am a butterfly with phosphorescent wings

buoyant and gentle

I am the song of the wood thrush

pure and luminous

I am one of many voices

igniting the fire of truth

I am a soft warm sofa

all aglow when children are near

I am a pineapple, pepperoni pizza

balancing flavors of sweet and sour

I am a shiny flute spreading frivolity

through a prism of notes

I am a mountain covered with snow

glaring at the world below

I am a glittering waterfall cascading

down into a frothy river

I am a weeping willow wrapping

her arms around those who are sad

This is a poem I wrote for an ecourse called Poetry Isdesigned and led by Beth Morey. One of the books we have been using is Poemcrazy by Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge. An exercise in the book gives you some questions, then has you answer them beginning with the words I am…

I combined it with another assignment from our group call where we each chose a word, looked it up in a thesaurus and wrote down the words that stood out to us. The word light is what I chose and was surprised by the number of synonyms listedIt was fun to figure out how many of them I could use in my poem. 

If you read it again, see if you can find all the words that have to do with light.

Thanks for reading and I would love to hear any comments or impressions you have.

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