Sunday, January 10, 2016

What is Home?

Home is many things to many people. Some consider home to be the place where they live or the place where they were born. I have lived in so many places that it would be hard to pick one to call home. To me, home is wherever I happen to be living at a particular time. 

Home is also a place where people live together as they learn to share, to work out differences, to develop skills and more. It's a place where stories begin and memories are made. In my case it first began with my parents and then my brothers as they came along. When I married, home was wherever my husband and I found ourselves. 

As our family grew the home included seven children, although my oldest was twenty when the youngest was born. At that time our 4 daughters were 20, 18, 14, and 12. My sons were 6, 3, and a newborn. When our baby boy was 4 months old we left our home in NJ and moved to SC. That was over 18 years ago! Most all have left home now to find their place in the world.

There are a few traditions we tried to establish, one of which was praying and reading the Bible together. We also enjoyed tea and reading time. I began reading to the girls every afternoon while they would draw or color pictures. We continued as the boys were born, although sometimes it was a challenge with toddlers and babies, but we did it!

Part of the reading was for our homeschooling, but we also chose fun books and adventure stories. A lot of the books we read were by British authors and we fell in love with the idea of tea time. I'm not sure exactly when we started the everyday tea, but it quickly became a tradition carried on even as my children became adults. 

Because we liked reading so much we began...

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