Friday, January 15, 2016

The Beginning of Winter

December 22, 2015 didn't seem like the first full day of winter to me as my husband and I were traveling to Florida to spend some time at a beach with his siblings. There are five in the family and they are blessed to still have each other. Of course all the spouses were included in the fun, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. The weather was warm and sunny most of the time we were there.

(For those who don't know, my husband is the one on the right)

When we returned home Winter met us with much cooler temperatures!
To top it off our propane tank was low so we had to conserve heat until we got a delivery several days later. At least we had some electric space heaters around to make it somewhat easier. 

On Sunday when I began writing this it was so cold that I quickly made some hot cocoa and bundled up in the rocking chair with a warm sweatshirt and an afghan. I spent some time reading and enjoying some other #wholemama posts about winter.

We don't have any snow and probably won't see much of it here in South Carolina, although I do enjoy watching it fall. If there is enough it covers the ground hiding all the raw patches and messiness and turning it into a winter playground. There is beauty in the snow. It makes everything bright as it reflects the sun after the storm.

On Monday this week I went to see my mom and as soon as I saw her I knew something was wrong. She wasn't talking very well. She knew what she wanted to say but the words wouldn't come out right. They were garbled and seemed to run together. We suspected a stroke and ended up having her taken to the ER. They ran some tests and finally admitted her. 

After all the testing they really didn't find anything except that she did have a stroke which affected her speech. On Tuesday most of her words were sounding right and by Wednesday her speech was back to normal except for her laryngitis, which was lingering from last week. My mother has been through a lot and is still a little weak, but she is improving. For a woman who will soon be 93, I think she is amazing.

(This was taken a year ago and she looks about the same)

Wednesday night I stayed with some of my grandchildren who live about an hour away while my husband went to karate class. I had so much fun with those three kids. We made a milkshake/smoothie for supper which made us cold so we cuddled on the couch and read lots of books. Then we played games and when their dad got home they cleaned up toys. While he put the boys to bed my granddaughter and I snuggled on the couch with a blanket and she enjoyed her new Mood journal and ring I had given her for a late birthday present.

As I mentioned in an earlier post my one word for this year is OPEN, because I wanted to remember to be open to whatever God has for me this year. Guess I got a chance to practice it this week. My mother looked at me while in the hospital and said something like, “This week sure isn't going as planned.” I agreed with her wholeheartedly.

Despite the fact that I had plans to do a lot of clean up this week, some baking to prepare for a family belated Christmas celebration, and arranging some gift baskets for each family, I am not discouraged. Most of it will probably not get done and we will meet at another family member's house, but we will have a memorable time.

There will be ten kids ranging in age from 4 – 12 running around, making noise, and generally having fun. One family lives too far away and their presence will be greatly missed, but we'll see each other again some day.

Needless to say my winter is off to an interesting start. 

I wonder what the rest of it will bring.

What about you? How is your first month of winter going? I'd love to hear from you!

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