Monday, January 11, 2016

She Embraced Freedom

One night, just before turning out the light, I was looking at this mixed media art piece made by one of my daughters. A poem began to emerge and I wrote down the first few lines. Yesterday I worked on it more and decided to place it on a picture I had taken of the art.

Her art is sometimes thought provoking, sometimes enchanting and magical. You can find more of it at her Chaotic Art Angel Etsy Shop.

Here's the poem again in case it's hard to read on the photo.

She Embraced Freedom

She stood in a field
of flowers
Her hair
swirling around
tossed by wind

She embraced freedom
All will be well

Heavy was her heart
Yet peaceful
Skin kissed
by warm sun in
azure sky

She embraced freedom
All will be well

Wrongs will be righted
In God's time
come, but His love
comforts still

Embrace His freedom
All will be well

Rest in God's love
Trust in His
I am small but
He is great

I embrace freedom
All will be well

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