Saturday, January 30, 2016

Quiet Times: A Desire and a Prayer

What is quiet?

With all the noise of today coming from every way possible, it's hard to find a place of quiet. With technology at our fingertips we can travel the world sitting in the comfort of our home. There is never a dull moment. We seem to be drawn to these little devices that can keep us in touch with people anywhere in the world with the touch of a finger.

We get frustrated when there is a problem and a website takes longer than it normally does to load up. If it doesn't load up at all we are easily perturbed.

Why is that?

Are we so afraid of being alone with ourselves that we have to keep things going constantly?

I desire so much to be able to take time out each day to sit quietly, to listen to what is around me, to spend extended time in prayer.

But often what I desire and what I do seem to be in conflict.

I really do desire the quiet, but I just keep reading through facebook, twitter, blogs and other types of articles.

I can't seem to stop myself. It has become too much of a habit.

I need to pull myself away and have periods of time where I am disconnected with the outside world.

I need time to just be, to discover anew who I am and who God is and be filled with wonder at all that He has made.

(My granddaughter and I enjoying quiet time together after her brothers went to bed)

May we all find times of quiet and cherish them.

May God be with us all and give us hearts that desire to seek Him, to follow our hearts to wherever He leads us and share our gifts and talents with others.

May we not be afraid of what we will find in our deepest thoughts and emotions.

May God help us to remember that we are loved and have worth even if no one else seems to notice.

May we meet even hard things head on and go through them with the power, strength and grace that God will give.

May we come through with an even greater peace and hope because of what we learn, and may we come boldly before God with our questions, our requests and our praise.

I'm linking up with Kate Motaung and #FiveMinuteFriday where the one word prompt is: Quiet. (My five minutes turned into seven this time)
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