Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Be Curious, Ask Questions

I have always had lots of questions. When I was a child some of the adults in my life told me I was too inquisitive. One of my grandmothers told me I was slow, but I think it was because I was enjoying what I did. I didn't see any need to rush.

Children are so curious about everything. Have you ever watched a baby when they first discover their hands or feet? Their little faces are so intense and they wiggle with excitement.

It doesn't stop there. 

Babies want to touch and taste everything. When they begin speaking the questions come hard and fast. They want to know why or how or what. Their seemingly constant chatter can get on a parent's nerves, but they don't intentionally want to aggravate us. They are genuinely interested and want to know.

Questions help us learn. 

Sometimes the answers are easy to find, but often they take a lot of research. There are questions for which no one has answers. We may search all our lives and not find satisfying answers to some of our questions.

I remember as a teenager asking a particular question about faith. I don't remember the content of it now, but the answer was something like you just have to believe. I'm not really sure how helpful that was. My guess is that they did not know the answer so gave me the one they had been given.

Questions are so important. 

I like to think that I encouraged my children to ask questions. They might remember differently, but I'm sure most of the time they were encouraged to do so. When we began homeschooling I wanted them to learn how to learn and one of the best ways to start is by asking questions.

Some questions might make us feel uncomfortable, and I probably put off my kids sometimes when I wasn't sure how to answer. As time passed, though, I did become more open to listening to differing views and now I do encourage more questioning.

If we are willing to ask questions, to discuss differences, and to look for truth, I think we will come closer to breaking down some of the walls that divide us today.

We should continue to encourage curiosity in our children and be honest when we don't have answers to their questions. They need to know that we also have questions, and together we can research to find out all we can.

Sometimes the answers only lead to more questions and the cycle continues until we either get tired of searching or find a satisfactory answer.

I'm reminded of a song that Michael Card sings called “Could It Be?” One line is “Could it be that questions tell us more than answers ever do?” I wonder…..

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