Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Vision of Endless Possibilities

Envision is the one word prompt for #wholemama this week. It's been a few weeks since I participated in the linkup and I'm happy to be back.

As I ponder this word I am drawn to my #oneword365 which is the word OPEN. It's hard for me to envision what this year will be like. I can dream and I can make plans, but I need to be open to interruptions and changes that may come unexpectedly.

Rather than be frustrated and disappointed when my goals aren't accomplished in the time I have set for them, I can be ready to embrace with curiosity the detours along the way. I can climb the steps one at a time no matter how steep, crooked or treacherous they may appear.

I would love to finish a book of nature photography and haiku that I started a couple of years ago, but there have been a few snags. Instead of being upset about taking so long with it, I can make it more of a priority or I can put it aside while I work on other writing projects.

My problem is that I've let it just kind of hang over my head holding me back from pursuing other goals. I tell myself that I really need to finish it before doing anything else, and then I get frustrated again.

But this is no way to live.

I need to approach these goals with more of an open mind and be willing to work hard to bring them about. I also want to be open to opportunities that come my way without feeling like a failure if something doesn't work out. 

Life is too short for that.

So I envision a year where I make some changes in my attitude, where I roll with things that come, where I pursue wholeheartedly my dreams, where I spend time making my home a beautiful place to be, where I invest in the lives of the people I live with and come in contact with on a regular basis, and where I spend time daily communing with God through the Bible and prayer.

At the end of 2014, I wrote a blessing in my journal. I never shared it with anyone, but the words still echo my desire for this coming year.

May I keep my focus on Christ.
May He give me peace and rest.
May He grant wisdom for big and small decisions.

May our lives be renewed by His spirit and filled with grace.
May we extend welcome to those who enter our home.
May they find encouragement, love and peace as they rest.

May we find the joy that comes only from knowing Christ and following Him.

I envision a new year full of endless possibilities for all of us. I hope we will be curious and open to whatever comes our way and find happiness in simple things.  

Dare to dream, to love life and experience wonder

What about you? What do you envision for this year?

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