Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Waiting With Hope

The #wholemama prompt for today is wait.  Yesterday as I was reading The Circle of Seasons by Kimberlee Conway Ireton, I found out that the Hebrew word for wait also means hope. I thought that was interesting because here is what I had been mulling over in my mind: Wait with hope.

Advent is a time of waiting with hope.

In all the busyness we can take a few minutes each day to contemplate what the coming of Jesus meant. We can think about what a sacrifice it was for him to leave the glory of heaven to be born as a human, fulfilling his mission all the way to the cross.

But how do we wait with hope when we are faced with unplanned circumstances?

We get caught in traffic and wait. We sit at the doctor's office and wait. 

We stand in line at the grocery store and wait. We wait for our children as they hunt for the lost shoe and we are running late again. 

None of those kinds of waiting are fun to do. We fret and worry and want everything done NOW. Our days seem like a blur as we run from one thing to another. We don't think we have time to wait, because there is so much to do.

Waiting forces us to slow down and that can be a good thing.

What if instead of fretting when we find ourselves waiting, we intentionally focused on our surroundings looking for something to be thankful for?

While waiting in traffic we might notice details of the different kinds of cars, or see an unusual cloud formation in the sky, or study the architecture of houses or other buildings around us.

Maybe at the doctor's office we can notice the other patients and pray for them.

In the grocery line we could try hard to be calm and smile at others. When it's finally our turn we could say kind words to the weary cashier. I have done this and have seen their faces light up showing they are encouraged.

We won't always get it right. We'll make mistakes. We'll lose our cool.

But we can do our best to help make someone else's day brighter. In so doing we will brighten our day, too.

We can rejoice that Jesus did not stay dead, but conquered sin and death once for all. He has ascended to his place of glory at his Father's right hand. One day he will return and every knee will bow before him as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

We can seek peace and comfort in our own lives as we actively wait with hope, knowing that Jesus is with us wherever we go. Let's share that love.

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