Friday, December 4, 2015

Seasons of Life

When I first hear the word season, I think of winter, spring, summer and fall. Each one has a beauty of its own. Depending on where you live winter can have snow, which if not always practical, is very pretty and fun to play in when you have no place to go.

When you're really tired of winter, a break comes with spring and new life. Trees have new leaves, flowers bloom and the air is a little warmer. Spring begins to prepare you for summer.

Summer can be a fun time, but it can also get very hot. The heat can seem unbearable at times, but then you can refresh yourself. It's a time of picnics in the shade, of drinking cold drinks and having fun.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. It gives a break from the summer heat and there are cooler breezes. We can begin wearing sweaters, thinking of hot chocolate and falling leaves.

There are also seasons in our lives from infancy, to childhood, to adulthood and then old age. Each season seems to have sub seasons, times of joy and peace, times of sadness, times of light and times of darkness, times of good news and times of bad.

All these add up to make up our lives. We need them all to become the people we are meant to be. And God will be with us through each and every one. 

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