Sunday, November 15, 2015

When Weary, Turn to God

Many of us are weary these days. There is so much hate and destruction in the world and we are weary of hearing about it. We feel like we are small and wonder what difference we can make when it is so widespread.

We also are weary from our day to day activities. We push ourselves to do one more thing until we are finally exhausted. Sometimes then we can't sleep because we are wound so tightly it is hard to relax.

Day after day it seems like more is piled on to our already long to do lists and we feel like we never get finished.

Maybe our lists are too long. Maybe they should include time to rest scheduled right in there amongst cleaning the floor or making an appointment, or finishing that dish for supper.

Sometimes our weariness can't be helped. A sick child needs our attention and we sit up all night caring for them.

Sometimes we bring on weariness because we just don't want to stop for the night. We don't want to face the quiet when we crawl into bed. 

In those times when your very soul is weary, turn to God and find rest in him.

I'd like to leave you with this prayer I wrote back in June in hopes that it will encourage you to relax and go to God when you are weary and tired.

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