Sunday, October 11, 2015

We Make Plans, God Directs

When I got up early yesterday morning to get ready to meet others for our “Couch to 5K” group run, I was greeted with darkness and the sound of rain falling. Since I live a distance from our practice track, I chose to stay home. It was best for me as I was still tired from running the day before along with other activities and trips that needed to be made. Later that day I had to make another choice, this time concerning my blog.
(view from my living room window)

On October 1, I began a series called 31 Days to an Attractive,Clutter Free Bedroom. It was a fun way to work through clutter and keep myself accountable by sharing the process with words and pictures. I was actually having fun with a job that I normally dread. My intentions were great and for the first few days things went very well.

We can make plans and try to follow through, but sometimes God changes them.

Unexpected things have come up and I have had to let some things go. It was really a hard decision, but I will be postponing my 31 day declutter/blogging project. However, I am not giving up on it completely. I plan to complete the 31 days during the month of November. At that time I will continue blogging about the process for those of you who have been interested.

It's not always easy changing plans, but I believe that God does direct our paths. It wasn't a surprise to Him about my mom's situation,which I share about in my last post. God had it all under control, and I am still blown away by how fast it all came together after praying for months.

God then surprised me with more answers to prayer.

For the past couple of years I have wanted to attend Allume. I have been praying about it this year but had pretty much given up on the possibility of going. Continuing to pray about it anyway, I asked God to provide a way, if it was His will. Then I decided not to talk about it anymore but wait to see how God would answer. This past Monday, out of the blue, my husband came up with an idea of how I could get the money for it. That set the wheels turning and the very same day I was able to find someone who needed to sell her ticket. It turns out she suggested a price I could afford and it also helped her out. In her words, “We will both be blessed.”

The next step was to find someone to share a room with me.  

I would be able to drive back and forth from home each day, but that would be very tiring. Instead of feeling like I was really a part of the conference, I would miss out on the extra time with those who had rooms at the hotel. I began praying about it and left requests on facebook and twitter to see if anyone had room. A couple of days later someone responded. She already had one roommate so there would be three of us in the room, but they were okay if I was. So I gladly accepted and counted that as an answer to my prayer and affirmation that I was supposed to be there this year.

(view from my back porch)

 The very next day after my Allume plans were set is when my mom's situation came together. If we had known earlier how my mom's situation would work out, I probably would not have planned to go.

But God had different plans. His timing is always perfect because He knows best.

I look at the timing as another affirmation that I am supposed to be at Allume. I don't know what all God has in store for me, but I am open to whatever He wants me to learn during my time there. I'm both excited and nervous, but I've been told that it will be a wonderful experience. 
(one of the views my husband and I see when we run)

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