Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Come Dreaming With Me

Our #wholemama prompt for this week is the word Dream. All we need is our imagination to find endless possibilities as we think about dreaming. I decided to reach into the archives and bring out some poems that still convey my thoughts on this topic. Some I have kept in their entirety and some I use only a portion. Hope you enjoy and are encouraged and inspired!

I Dream

I dream of a world
where wrongs are made right
where all are deemed equal
with no need to fight.

I dream of a world
where dark becomes light
where all that is hidden
is out in plain sight

I dream of a world
that's filled with delight
and all of the people
are happy and bright.

I firmly believe that my dreams and desires have been put into my heart by God. They are part of who I am. Here is a portion from a longer poem which you can find HERE.

God gave me my dreams
Wild, incredible
Dreams of photography
Published poems and children's stories
My home as an oasis
Where weary souls may come
Seeking peace and rest

Chasing my wild dreams
Working, creating
Writing, photographing
Interweaving words and pictures
Turning sod, clearing clutter
Forming lovely gardens
Making cozy nooks

And last but not least I want to share a poem I wrote with the word Dream-Weaver as a prompt. I like to think of God as the dream-weaver who makes it possible for us to bring our dreams to fruition.

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