Monday, September 21, 2015

Music: A Way to Calm, Cheer or Energize Your Soul

My friend Lisha who hosts the #GiveMeGrace linkup has written about how music soothes and helps to bring healing to her soul. She also shared a few links to music that has recently inspired her and asked us to tell about the music that speaks to us.

Music can be found almost everywhere in many different forms, even in nature.

There is music in the breeze, the songs of birds, and also the frogs and bugs that sound off in the evenings. Maybe that is why I enjoy being outdoors so much. I am awed by the beauty and the different melodies that waft along calling me to listen and wonder.

I love this view from my front porch! 

The sky is always there, but ever changing. The hardwood trees will soon have colors of red, yellow or orange while the evergreens provide a backdrop with their varying shades of green. In Isaiah 55:12 we read, "...the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands." Interesting, isn't it?

My view changes somewhat with each season, yet still is the same hillside full of trees. 

Our lives are kind of like that, changing as we live out our days, yet our unique self, the original one created by God in His image, is still the same unique self. 

We have likes and dislikes which may or may not change. We have talents and gifts to be developed. We were made for community and thrive most when we work together. We are also emotional beings, and many of us are drawn to music, because it has a way of reaching deep within us. 

Music can soothe, encourage, excite, give energy and minister to our souls.

Because I love making music and listening to it I decided to follow Lisha's lead and share a little of the music that speaks to me.

Downhere has a variety of music that always encourages me. Here is one of my favorites:  

When I need cheering up Louis Armstrong's “What a Wonderful World” always brings a smile to my face. 

Gungor is a husband/wife team that creates hauntingly beautiful and contemplative music along with songs full of energy. This one gives me chills: "Let There Be" 

Cliff Richard is a British pop singer who has been around a very long time, but to me his music is fun. It's hard to choose just one but here's one I like: "A Little in Love"

Ken Medema, a blind singer/pianist/composer has lot of songs and musical stories. Being a pianist myself, I have often been inspired by listening to Ken. One of my favorites is "Is There a Place For Dreaming?" 

I hope you enjoy the music. Maybe you'll even find some new favorites of your own!

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