Saturday, September 19, 2015

Discovering Hidden and New Desires: A Birth of Sorts?

The prompt this week for the #wholemama linkup is the word birth. I began thinking about birth experiences and came up with some thoughts from the perspectives of both the mother and the child.

From the perspective of the mother:
  • Birth is a process starting with the beginnings of labor pains.
  • Birth is hard work – leaning to breathe and relax with contractions – and finally to push with all the strength you can muster.
  • Birth involves stretching and softening and a bursting forth of new life.

From the perspective of the baby:
  • Birth can be a wild ride leaving the comfort and security of the mother's womb.
  • Moving with the contractions until the final push into a world of bright lights, unfamiliar noises and general insecurity.
  • Being put into the mother's arms and hearing her voice speak soothing words granting security once more.

Birth can be analogous to new experiences.
  • Stepping out of places where you are comfortable. 
  • Going into new territory where you may feel a bit insecure and unsure of yourself.
  • The process can be quite traumatic, exciting and thrilling, or ordinary.
  • Eventually we become more secure in the new environment. (Or sometimes we learn something and move on)

I will soon be 63 years old. Two years ago I was living an ordinary life, homeschooling, being a wife, mother and grandmother, never dreaming of all the new things I would learn in a very short time.  

Each new experience was like a new birth as I discovered and uncovered desires and talents that had been hidden.

In October of 2013, at the prompting and help from my daughter, Jamie, I began this blog. My beginnings were small and I mostly wrote for Five Minute Friday. I wondered if I'd have enough to say to continue it for very long. Since that time I have written over 260 blog posts and discovered a love of writing that I had all but forgotten. 

Shortly after that first post I joined an online writing group, took a short online class and participated in groups with prompts for poetry and blogging. One also included taking time for walks outside to observe and discover beauty in ordinary places. We were encouraged to use our cameras to capture what we found. 

Another daughter, who has her own Etsy shop, introduced me to art journaling. She showed me how to use mixed media to make different effects. I was hooked right away and have thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Those experiences helped me to discover that I love:
  • writing poetry and have written over 100 poems.
  •  mixing photography and words to make aesthetically pleasing blog posts. 
  • writing to encourage others.
  • expressing myself through art journaling.
  • using collage with cutout words to make found poetry

But that's not all

  • From the spring of 2013 to the spring of 2014 we had a couple of Nubian dairy goats. It was fun learning how to milk them and the fresh milk was a treat, but it was not something I could continue.
  • I started karate in March and have gone farther than I thought I would.
  • I have begun training for a 5K , and in my first two practices I surprised myself. This is huge for me because I am not a runner and have had absolutely no interest in running. But something inside me clicked when my daughter, Marianne, told me about it. I debated with myself for a few days, but finally decided to go for it.
I used to think anyone aged sixty was old.

I have since changed my thinking. I believe as the saying goes that "you are only as old as you think you are." None of these things I have told you would ever have happened if I had thought I was beyond the age of learning new things, that my life was fine the way it was. 

My life has been blessed far more and I have met so many wonderful people, because I was willing to step out of my comfortable position and stretch my vision. Sure, I have the usual aches and pains and creaks and groans, but I will keep going. I am not done yet! 

You are never too old to try new things or discover new talents. 

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