Thursday, August 13, 2015

Celebrate and Be Grateful

The word for the #wholemama linkup this week is celebrate. For some reason I'm having trouble feeling like celebrating. There have been so many ups and downs in my life this summer. It's easy to focus on the downs, especially when there are things that seem to have no resolution. As my friend, Abby, says, that's scarcity talking, telling me the solutions are too hard to find.

The truth is there ARE ways around or through the obstacles. I just need wisdom and in some cases discipline to wait rather than expecting quick fixes. When I'm feeling down one way to turn around is to start expressing gratitude for all the blessings that come each day. Even the little things are worth celebrating.

Following Esther's lead I decided to look back over the summer and make a list of things worth celebrating and give thanks for each one.
  • Corn, tomatoes, lettuce, a few beets and turnips from the garden. Not a bumper crop by any means, but it was nice while it lasted. Along with that we had a good blueberry harvest – Our bushes continue to produce more each year. I was able to freeze some to enjoy at a later time.
  • Revived kombucha, started milk kefir, made pickles and sauerkraut

  • Renewed a friendship from years ago.
  • Finally had lunch with friends for the first time after one of our group unexpectedly died earlier this year. It was a beautiful time together. Rather than a restaurant this time one of the ladies hosted us in her home. She even had a place set for our departed friend. She wanted us to remember her, to celebrate her life and let her be an inspiration to us.
  • Met Esther Emery IN MY HOME - That was a real treat after getting to know her a little online. I have Abby Norman to thank for making it possible. It was great to spend time with her, too.

  • Participated in#wholemama this summer and made some new friends
  • Made progress in karate instead of giving up
  • Laughed with my sister-in-law after making silly faces.

  • Son went to Japan and back, learned a lot and was kept safe
  • Good health for the most part
  • Started compiling some of my poems into categories to eventually become a book
  • Enjoyed the beauty of creation every day

As you can see I found a lot, and the list is nowhere near complete. My life is worth celebrating. God has given me much. It's good to reflect on His gifts every day and share with others.  

I hope you'll hop on over to Esther's place for the #wholemama linkup and find out what others are celebrating!

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