Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Welcoming Spaces

Oh, how I dream of having uncluttered SPACE. When I look at all the stuff that has accumulated over the years I am overwhelmed at the immensity of it. Most every flat area has stacks. There are even stacks of containers in the closets. Our downstairs garage turned into a bedroom has now become a catchall. It even houses a Hammond organ and a hammered dulcimer! Our entertainment center is overflowing with DVDs, videos and games of all sorts. We have boxes of who knows what because they haven't been looked at in years.

What am I to do? Can I even find any space to call my own?

We have played musical bedrooms with our children so many times that we each have things in each room. Since we live in a log home there are only 3 small closets in various places and one large one which happens to be in our bedroom. Instead of only holding what belongs to my husband and me, it has stuff left from practically all seven of our kids. Most of what is in there can probably be thrown away.

How did it get so bad? Why can't we just get rid of it?

We have saved many things, but if we needed some of them now we probably couldn't find them or wouldn't even remember that we had them. I don't know about you, but when there is clutter all around, I feel weighed down. It is like tentacles reaching out, holding me back, keeping me in a rut that is continually getting deeper, threatening to swallow me whole.

I gasp for air and decide once and for all that I will not succumb to its grasp.

We made some progress today. My husband took several bags of clothes, shoes, etc. to a thrift store. I can't say that things look much different, but at least we got started. That makes me breathe a little easier as we have taken a step forward. He has even decided that it's time to repair the kitchen counter and the upstairs bathroom floor. I will not stand in the way but will help all I can.

I can just imagine all the space we will have when we finally finish.

It may take months, but I am determined to get on top of it. It's not that we can't do things while the clutter exists, it's just that we would feel better without it. I want our house to be a place where every room is enjoyable, a place that's easier for my son to maneuver his wheelchair, a place where people love to come and have a good time, a place with space for us to pursue our artistic interests, a place where messes can be made and cleaned up, a place that mirrors our unique personalities.

Impossible? I don't think so.

I think with determination and a sense of what we are working towards will give us the push we need. In the meantime, I do have a small area in my room that I can retreat to when I need some alone time. When the weather is not too hot I can sit on the front porch either at the picnic table or on the swing. Armed with my journal, a pen and a cup of tea I can sit out there and write to my heart's content. I can also take a walk, so there is plenty of space for me when I need to get away from the clutter for a time.

A perfect getaway may not exist, but a bit of creativity works wonders.

With the right attitude I can turn almost any spot in my home into a small retreat center. When I need time alone without interruption I can let other family members know that I should not be disturbed for a time. The same courtesy can be extended to them when they need time alone for their particular interests or when any of us need time to spend alone with God and our thoughts.

What about you? How do you find space when you need some time alone?

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