Friday, May 22, 2015

Rise or Remain?

The Five Minute Friday prompt for today is the word RISE. The plan is to free write for five minutes on a topic not worrying about getting it just right. Then share your post with the linkup and comment on the one who was up just before you.

So here is my unedited, unpolished offering for today's prompt.


As I was pondering the five Minute Friday word for today I thought of several different things. The first thing that came to mind was a Christmas carol I’ve heard called “Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow.”

Then I began to think of how we are sometimes challenged to “Rise to the occasion.” But what if we can’t always rise?

What if we are meant to stay where we are sometimes?

Maybe we are going through a hard thing and need to continue through it rather than try to rise above it. I was thinking sort of like how when wheat is being threshed, the chaff is what rises and is carried away by the wind. The wheat stays behind.

Sometimes when the Holy Spirit is working in our lives, maybe He is blowing away the chaff, so that what is left is who we were meant to be.

And when the time comes we will one day rise to be with God forever.

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