Wednesday, May 27, 2015

In the Quiet of the Morning

In the quiet of the morning
I will rise to greet the sun.                
The birds will start their singing
joining slowly one by one.

This early hour is magical,
a point 'tween shadow and light.
It feels somewhat mystical
filling my soul with delight.

As it climbs higher in the sky
the sun dispels the darkness.
Flowers waken where they lie
in beds of dewy freshness.

A sense of peace surrounds me here
at the birth of this new day.
From my eye a thankful tear
escapes while I pause to pray.
                                         ~Gayl Wright

This poem really doesn't describe a typical day for me. It is more like an invitation that reminds me how peaceful it is in the early morning before the world is fully awake.

While it might not be an everyday practice I want to make an effort to get up early at least once a week.

I want to face the day with a sense of wonder and anticipation. 

I want to experience the sunrise, to hear the wood thrush and dove as they greet the day.

I just might grab a blanket and some coffee and sit on the porch taking in the sights and sounds as the world begins to come alive. It's a perfect time to give thanks to God and to ask for wisdom, grace, and blessing to go with me through the day.

The invitation is open to all. Won't you join me and see what treasures await?


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