Friday, May 8, 2015

An Unexpected Meeting

It’s Five Minute Friday time again and the word prompt for today is MEET.

For about eleven years we lived in a place where three states met so it was called the tri-state area. We lived in New Jersey, but the closest grocery store was in Pt. Jervis, New York. We did other kinds of shopping in Pennsylvania.

While living in northwest New Jersey we met lots of people and made many friends, some from all three states. We lived on a little road called Beach Drive, which seemed odd because there really was no beach around, at least the kinds of beaches we think of. There was a small lake or pond at the beginning of the road. Sometimes our daughters would meet friends there or go alone and ice skate during the winter.

Often we would meet with our neighbors and take walks together, eat lunch together or just hang out and have fun while our kids played. One neighbor was an older lady who just loved the kids and was always giving them treats.

(our house in Montague, NJ)

One day we met some unexpected visitors. It started out as we dropped our girls off at High Point State Park which was five minutes away. They were going to get started setting up a tent while we gathered up the rest of what we needed for camping that night. We wanted to camp near home as we were pretty new at camping.

What a surprise when our girls were setting up the tent to see some bear cubs scamper up a tree! Then the mother bear wandered into the campsite and picked up one of their lunch containers, curious to see what was inside.

Needless to say they were a little bit frightened. They tried to keep the tent between them and the bear as she came closer. They had to keep moving around the tent in order to do that. Slowly they got to their bicycles and then rode to the nearest building which was the bathroom. When we came back later we saw a couple of bears as we were driving in. We began to wonder if this was such a good idea.

The park rangers assured us that things would be fine. If a bear came near we were to make a lot of noise which was supposed to scare them away. The rangers were also on duty all night. 

(not the best picture but it shows our family about that time)

Well, we set things up for supper and were all sitting around the picnic table when we heard a noise. We looked over to the left and a short distance away there was a bear checking out all the trash containers. We quickly gathered things up and got into our conversion van.

Steve and I had planned to sleep in the van along with the youngest children, but the girls were a bit unsettled about sleeping in the tent as you can well imagine.  So my husband stayed in the tent with a couple of them while the others slept with me in the van.

It was quite an experience, one which I’m sure the girls will never forget!

(I must admit that I wrote for about 12 minutes, but I couldn’t just stop in the middle of a story, now could I?)

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