Friday, April 24, 2015

A Place to Hide

Sometimes we are overwhelmed by a cacophony of voices coming from many directions and venues. We are told what to eat or what not to eat, what to wear or not wear, where to go or not go, and so on. The noise is so great we just want to run and hide.

Maybe that’s exactly what we should do.

Maybe we should find a place to be alone, a place where we can hide from people, but pour our hearts out to God in prayer.

We talk about hiding sometimes as if it’s a bad thing. And it would be if we are trying to hide from God. And anyway, that’s impossible.

Whether we are pleased with ourselves or ashamed, we should never be afraid to approach God. He already knows our thoughts. He already knows what we did or didn’t do. 

He wants us to come.

The more we try to run away, the more He pursues. We tire ourselves by running until we finally give in and fall into His arms. There as we yield to Him we find forgiveness and peace.

There we can hide, not FROM God, but He can hide us and protect us from our fears and from the lies and other enemies that come after us.

Sometimes we try to hide from ourselves

We keep busy so we won’t have to deal with the hard questions. We are afraid to dig deeper, not knowing what we may find.

But as we hide in Christ, we are given the strength to face our fears, the courage to go through what seems impossible, the peace that only Jesus gives, and the grace to share our lives with others. 

We learn what it means to bear one another’s burdens and to build each other up. 

Instead of hiding from ourselves or from each other, we can join hands and work together as we travel this road called life.

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