Sunday, April 5, 2015

Beyond Comprehension

Oh, God, you are great.
How awesome are your works.
Beyond comprehension.
And the world appeared.
By your word
Everything was created.
You took dust,
Out of it made a man.
From his rib you crafted woman.
All was beautiful.

Sin raised its ugly head.
Your creation was spoiled.
Man and Woman
You sent away,
No longer to wander
In the resplendent garden.
Weeds grew,
Thorns and thistles, too.
Working the ground was hard.
But You had compassion,
A promise to make all things new.

Jesus was that promise,
Born through a virgin.
Miraculously conceived
By the Holy Spirit.
He was like us.
And yet, not like us.
He had trials and hurts, but no sin.
Pleading in Gethsemane
Sweating drops of blood.
Could there be another way?
No, he knew he had to die.

Cruelly they mocked and beat him,
Sentenced him to death.
They thought they took his life,
But He gave it willingly.
Oh, God you are great.
How awesome are your works,
Beyond comprehension.
Death could never win.
Your power is much greater.
Jesus is alive and we are free.
Praise his holy name!

Thanks be to God! As we continue in this Easter season, let's remember to thank God for all He has done for us. He is worthy of our worship and praise!

I'm linking up with Stacey Thureen and #FindStability.

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