Monday, April 20, 2015

Afternoon Observations

On my porch swing
I rest and unwind.
Sights and sounds
Break into my mind.

Sunshine, blue sky,
Not a single cloud.
Chain saw vibrates
Noise is very loud.

Bees are buzzing
Flying all around.
Breeze blows gently,
Chimes bring joyful sound.

On the railing
Green lizard running.
On the porch floor
Lazy dogs sunning.

As I sit here
Even when I’m stressed,
God reminds me
I am truly blessed.

Sometimes God calls us to come away from our everyday lives to experience rest and retreat, but sometimes we find it just outside our own front door. When I step outside and allow myself to relax and notice all the simple ordinary things, I often find inspiration. I can be alone to spend time in prayer with God, or just enjoy the beauty of creation.

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