Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Story of Brave

Brave is leaving your husband and your two older children, ages six and eight, at home while you travel on an airplane with your two year old and your nursing baby. Your grandfather is dying. You haven’t seen him in six years, and this might be your last chance.

Brave is walking the long distance at the airport carrying your baby and a heavy diaper bag. You watch your two year old walk the whole way wearing a toddler sized backpack filled with her stuff. You are exhausted, and it is such a relief to see your dad standing there waiting for you at the end of that walk. You know you will finally have help again.

Brave is when you are sitting in the hospital room with your grandfather making sure he stays comfortable. You sit there with the television on, knowing that neither one of you are really interested.

Brave is staying, even when you feel helpless, as your grandfather all of a sudden says, “It’s an awful thing to face death.” He was around 90 years old, and I know he must have been worried about leaving my grandmother. They were really close and did everything together.

Brave is helping out by answering the phone and greeting people at your grandmother’s house after your grandpa dies.

Brave is doing all that while still caring for your toddler and baby.

Brave is traveling back home again as an exhausted young mother with her two little ones.

Brave is arriving at the airport and not seeing your husband there as you get off the plane. He was only a little bit late, but I was exhausted and it was hard.

Brave is when seven years later you once again leave your husband and older children and find yourself on a plane with your then 14 month old (child #5). This time it's your dad who is in intensive care and not doing well, but that is another story. Part of it is told in an earlier post entitled “The Touch of a Father’s Hand."

Brave comes in many forms and often unexpected. 

We don’t realize what we can do until faced with certain crises. I find it’s best not to worry about what the future may hold or how we will handle things that are hard. 

God has promised to be with us and take us through whatever we have to face. 

He will provide the courage when circumstances would bring us down. He has always been faithful to me to bring comfort and peace during trying times. He goes with us wherever our paths may lead.

Joshua 1:9

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

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