Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Resonance and Dissonance

Today, from two different groups I'm in, came these two words – resonance and dissonance. Many thoughts began swirling in my brain and I decided to start writing them down. What came from all those thoughts is this blog post.

I want to talk about resonance and dissonance.

Do you find that your life is a mixture of the two? We like it when something or someone resonates with us, but then comes that dissonance and we feel all out of sorts. We wonder if things will ever harmonize again when we are hit with one thing after another.

I wonder, though, if both are something we need in our lives and actually work together to bring us into a deeper relationship with God and with others.

Sometimes the dissonance may drive us away from all that we have been fighting for or against. Maybe we are glad for the dissonance, because it gives us an excuse to just say goodbye to those who oppose us and run in the opposite direction trying to do everything on our own. We soon find that to be a lonely road.

Other times when dissonance comes we try to run away from it and hide, wanting to keep things static, unchanging. The problem is, though, that things do change and we cannot keep hiding.

Sooner or later we will be found.

Then we have to face what comes. We can cringe and feel sorry for ourselves or we can meet it head-on looking for ways to get through it.

I mentioned earlier that we all like resonance, but I'm not sure that is always true.

Sometimes when things resonate deeply we don't know how to respond. We can actually be afraid of something touching us in our inmost being, afraid of what we might be asked to do. Even when we know it is right, there is a kind of fear that goes with it.

Just like when the dissonance comes and we want to run and hide, we often do the same thing with resonance. Sometimes I'm close to being in a deeper relationship with someone, but for some reason I hold back, and maybe run the other way.

I see God working and I'm almost afraid of going deeper.

Do you ever feel like that?

It seems that both resonance and dissonance can cause fear sometimes in our lives, and both can show us our need for someone to walk with us and give us strength to face what lies ahead.

What if we were able to meet with courage our fears, both in dissonance and in resonance in our lives?

I believe we can. If we know Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we have unlimited access to God. He is ready and waiting to give us grace and wisdom to handle anything that comes our way – good and bad.

He works in and through us, but we have to be willing vessels to be used ultimately for His glory.

We need to spend time with Him daily through prayer and contemplation and reading of His word, letting it soak into the core of ourselves. I'm not saying that we have to set aside long periods of time each day. Most of us don't have the luxury of that much time.

Often we have to just send up a quick distress call when we find ourselves overwhelmed. We can also say a quick prayer of gratitude. Even though we are busy, we have an open line to God any time of the day or night, because He never sleeps and is faithful.

Here's a quick prayer I wrote to help me in times when I feel overwhelmed.

By God's grace we can move ahead with courage through all our fears, whether they come when things resonate deeply or when there is dissonance in our lives or if we experience both at the same time.

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