Friday, March 13, 2015

Early Morning Prayer

(just before sunrise)

In this early morning hour I need grace to prepare me for the day.

My desire at this time is for a heart that longs to please You.

I am Your child, Oh God, and I ask that you please grant these requests.

Because of your faithfulness, I can trust that You will answer.

You have told us in Your Word to ask and we will receive.

You take care of the birds and tell us we are of much more value than they.

I ask to be filled with an abundance of peace and joy.

I want to be a light to those around me pointing them to You.

Help me find joy and beauty throughout my day.

Help me to be strong and give encouragement to others.

Giver of good gifts, hear and heed my request for a heart to serve You.

May I have wisdom, discernment and the courage to follow through.

As the sun rises making the sky gradually brighter, may Your light grow in me.

As I am filled with Your light this day, may I brighten the day for others.

(sunrise in Gatlinburg)

This prayer was written as a response to some prompts in the e-course A Heart for Prayer: Book of Hours written and led by Jamie Bagley.  

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