Tuesday, March 10, 2015


When I look up at the sky, it almost looks like there are no boundaries there, but I know there are. If there were no boundaries everything in space would be chaotic, flying about everywhere.

God has put boundaries in place for a purpose.

Just as there are boundaries for the physical world there are boundaries for people. If everyone could do anything they wanted whenever they wanted without regard for fellow human beings, there would certainly be chaos all the time.

Our choices do not just affect our own lives.

That is not to say we do not have choices or freedom to do things we want to do. God has given us a lot of freedom in making choices. We need to be aware of how our choices affect others and act wisely.

There are other kinds of boundaries, those that we set up around us.

Some of these boundaries are good. We need to be aware when we need rest and not make too many plans. We need boundaries that tell us when someone or something is unsafe. We set boundaries so that we will be able to care for ourselves, to make sure we do our part to be healthy people.

What do we do when someone crosses those boundaries and we are unsafe?

I really don't have concrete answers to that question. In theory, we are able to recognize the signs when people or things are unsafe, but that is not always possible. I think of women or children who are kidnapped, and murdered or sold for prostitution. There are also those who are abused in their own homes by people they should be able to trust. I know there are people and organizations set up to help, but I know that more awareness and help is needed.

Because of this we might put up boundaries that go too far.

We build walls to try to fortify ourselves, but sometimes we build them so high that no one can get in, not even people who want to help. We push things down deep inside us and try to make everyone think we are fine. These kinds of walls may even be harmful and sometimes lead us down the road of depression.

It can be hard to find a balance between boundaries that are helpful and those that harm.

Going to God in prayer is one way I would deal with this tension of finding the right balance and finding answers to the hard questions. I know that He is greater than any of the problems I will face.

My #OneWord365 is intentional. I need to be intentional about setting boundaries for myself which include setting aside times for communing with God in prayer. If I am too busy to spend time in prayer and scripture reading, then I am too busy.

I find that I am much more relaxed and focused and actually accomplish more when I set aside time for prayer.

My days can quickly fill up with many things from reading to chores to homeschooling to time spent on social media. That last one can be like a vacuum cleaner sucking up all my time. I get so busy reading blogs, facebook posts, and keeping up with twitter that I often neglect other things or stay up too late at night. Sometimes there is information overload. It can be overwhelming as the days fill up and seem to fly by because of busyness.

I need to be intentional about setting boundaries for myself especially in the use of social media.

It takes discipline to order our lives so that we have time for the important things; things like spending time with God, spending time with other people, taking time out to enjoy little things, and being grateful for the life God has given to us. It may not always look like we think it should, but God is faithful and He will give wisdom and enable us to set the boundaries that are best for us.

Sometimes setting boundaries actually gives us more freedom.

What about you? What do you think?

For Marvia Davidson's #RealTalkTuesday we are talking about boundaries, and I'm also linking up with Susan Mead's #DanceWithJesus

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