Friday, March 20, 2015

Being Real


When I think of the word real, I think of my friend Marvia, who sometimes hosts a linkup on Tuesdays which she calls Real Talk. She wants to be authentic and real and encourages us to do the same. This week the topic was about lies and truth and how we all lie, sometimes without even realizing it.

We tell people we are okay when we are not okay.

We greet people with “Hi, how are you?” and they answer “Fine, how are you?” and then we go on to other subjects. Has that happened to you? I know I have done it before.

What would happen if, when we greeted someone, we looked into their eyes as we asked how they are and showed them that we care and we really want to know how they truly are?

I am going to try harder to really listen for an answer when I greet people and also to answer truthfully when I am asked about how I am doing.

We need to be real with each other. I don't mean that we have to tell everyone our deepest, inmost secrets, but I do think we need to be honest.


I want to be real in my life online, offline, alone or with others. To be real means being vulnerable and it's easy to shy way from that, because things might get messy.

But sometimes it takes getting messy to get through to the beautiful.

We are created in God's image. That tells me that there is beauty in all of us. We may have made mistakes. We may be broken, but if we are believers in Jesus and have been made new, then there is beauty.

We can be real because being real shows that we are human. We all have problems whether large or small. Maybe by sharing our struggles, being authentic and real, we can actually help and encourage each other. 

And that is a beautiful thing.


This was originally written for Five Minute Friday and I'm updating to link with Kelly Balarie and the #RaRaLinkup.

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