Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Daily Prayer

Father, bless my work today. Give me grace to meet whatever comes my way.

May my writing bring glory to you, whether it be poetry, blog posts or online chats to encourage others.

As I prepare the meals, may I be mindful of the nutrition I am providing my family.
Help me to look at it as an art, not as drudgery.

Please bless the work I do in my garden, that we may have a bountiful harvest.

In the varied tasks of laundry, cleaning, removing clutter, give me wisdom as I choose what is done each day.

Bless my time with my son as we work on school. Give grace and wisdom to know how best to encourage and help with his work.

(photo credit Gayl Wright)

When interruptions come may I look at each as an opportunity to stop and be fully present to determine what is needed and to look for the good.

When it seems I am not accomplishing anything I had planned, help me to see what You are trying to teach me in each moment. Help me to remember that You, not I, are in control.

May I be humble, teachable, relaxed and fully trusting in You to enable me to respond rather than react to things that normally cause agitation.

Open my heart to recognize and receive the gifts that each day brings. May all my senses be attuned to what is happening around me so that I will see what You want me to see.

Help me to be thankful and full of gratitude for You and the life You have given me.

(photo credit Sara Harding)

This is another prayer written in response to a prompt in Jamie Bagley's e-course A Heart of Prayer: Book of Hours.

I'm linking up with Susan Mead's #DanceWithJesusFridayLinkup!  One way I find help in my daily life is to go to God in prayer. Visit Susan's linkup and read how others find help in their daily lives.

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