Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Empower: You Get To Decide

This really is Part 2 of my refrigerator story, but it's about so much more. So what does the title I chose have to do with that? I hope the answer will be clear by the time you finish reading.

Monday morning I looked outside and loved the way the sky looked. It was such a bright blue with interesting clouds. I had to grab my camera and go out on the porch to take some pictures. 

I came back inside and was reminded that I still had not gotten back to the actual cleaning of the refrigerator, and it had been over a week. I was tempted to think about how far behind I was and how it should have already been done. That's how doubts start. One thing leads to another and we begin to feel that we'll never catch up or get it right.

Notice I used the word "tempted," because this time I did not fall into the trap of lies.

God brought to mind what my youngest daughter always tells me when I say I am behind with things. She says, "Mom, you are right where you are supposed to be." When I thought about that I realized she was right. We put so many demands on ourselves. When we can't live up to them we end up on a downward spiral and feel sorry for ourselves thinking we are not good enough.

But this is not what God wants for us!

He knows that real life is hard. We face many trials and interruptions in our day to day lives. Instead of being down on ourselves we should accept that we can't do it all. At the end of the day we can remember all that we DID accomplish rather than regret all we didn't do.

I'm going to apply that to my refrigerator cleaning job. This was supposed to be a job where I would share how to get it done efficiently by taking baby steps. Well, maybe God wanted me to be more vulnerable and honest. I needed to let you know that even when we are intentional and make plans they don't always work out as expected. Sometimes jobs have to be spread out even if it's not ideal.

Getting back to Monday morning and my fridge...

Starting with the top shelves I took everything out and placed it on the counter. Then I removed the shelves one at a time and washed them over the sink. Then I wiped the upper inside walls of the fridge before replacing the shelves and the food. I did the same thing with the next level of shelves.

By taking baby steps, doing one shelf at a time it's pretty easy to stop if need be. It took me a good hour to finish all of the shelves and drawers in the main section of the fridge not including the door. While working I had several interruptions one of which was a call from the daughter I mentioned earlier. She lives about an hour away and wanted me to come visit.

Now I had a choice.

I could say that I was too busy because the job had to be finished today (which I would have to do if I had taken everything out at once), or I could stop now and finish another time. Because I had broken it down into baby steps I knew what the decision would be. I couldn't pass up an opportunity like that to see her and her family!

Today is Wednesday, over two weeks since I first started cleaning the fridge. It took me ten minutes to finish the door section today. Our freezer, which is a drawer at the bottom of the fridge will wait for another day. Do you know what was different than other times when a job has taken me longer than expected? I was not stressed, because I did not put a time limit on when the job was supposed to be finished. I had no reason to feel like I was behind in the work.You see, as another daughter reminded me today, the job does not control you. You are in control of the job.

You get to decide.

You take baby steps.

You set the pace.

You are in charge.

No more guilt for not finishing at a certain time. You work at your pace and the job will eventually get done.

Just like me and my refrigerator.

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