Thursday, January 22, 2015

Empower: You Can Do It - Cleaning Your Fridge

(It has taken me awhile to get this blog post written, because I couldn't seem to find the time to finish the job I planned to write about. I started to rewrite the whole thing but decided to leave in the first few paragraphs from January 17, when I originally started writing it.)

(I love the view on my walk in the woods)

I'm so happy to see the sun today! The temperature is a little warmer so I plan to be outside later just to take a walk and enjoy the outdoors. Right now I'm relaxing with a cup of Mint Melange tea from Trader Joe's. After dust mopping floors, dusting furniture and doing laundry it's time for a break. I'm listening to one of my favorite albums by Downhere called “Two At A Time.” The songs are very encouraging and mostly upbeat. One of my favorites is "One Small Step."

The other day I started cleaning the refrigerator. It really had a disgusting mixture of food gone bad. I guess I just kept avoiding it because it was a dreaded job. When it is as dirty as it is now it's hard to even get started. (If I would keep up with it each week there would not be such a lot to clean.)

Finally, I knew I had to just jump in, grab that bull by the horns and wrestle it to the ground. It wasn't fun, but I took ALL the bad food out. The solid stuff went into a bag for the freezer to wait for the trip to the dump. The liquid I just poured down the drain.

Then came the job of washing all the dirty, somewhat smelly containers. I fixed up a sink full of hot dishwater and washed every single bowl, jar and lid. The whole process including getting rid of the food probably took close to an hour. By that time I was ready to stop for awhile. I thought I'd get to cleaning the fridge itself later on the same day.

That was eight days ago.

It is now the evening of January 21, and I still have not cleaned the inside of the refrigerator. I almost tried to push myself to get it done tonight, so I could finish the blog post. I quickly realized that doing so would defeat the purpose of the series showing you the steps I take on my journey to clean my house and get rid of clutter.

I thought I'd have finished the whole refrigerator job by now, but other things took precedence. You probably have jobs, too, that you wish you could complete for once without an interruption. You start with good intentions, but one thing leads to another and before you know it a week has gone by and your project is still unfinished - like me and my refrigerator.

That's why baby steps are so important. Take the big job and break it down into steps, even if you have to do a little each day to finally complete it. It may not be ideal, but the job will eventually get done. Sometimes there is just not time to do the big jobs all in one go. Maybe our expectations of how long something should take are unreasonable. We don't take into account interruptions and we get frustrated and are hard on ourselves.

By breaking it up you can accomplish any chore or project without feeling guilty that it took you so long.

Tomorrow I hope to get back to the fridge and at least get a couple of shelves done. If that is all I have time for I will be content. That will be one baby step, and eventually I will get it done.

Next week I'll be back with PART  2 and hopefully pictures of a clean refrigerator!

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