Friday, January 9, 2015

A Warm Welcome

Today is the first Five Minute Friday of this new year. The one word prompt is Welcome. 

Today is another sunshiny day but still cold. I love the sunshine. It seems to say, “Welcome to this new day!”

When clouds cover the sky, rain is pelting down and the air feels chilled, it's not so welcoming to me.  Don't get me wrong. I love the rainy days, too, for reading and drinking hot chocolate or writing or playing around with paints and colored pencils.

But there is something about the sunshine that makes me come alive. It's so bright and cheery and I like to be cheered. I seem to have more incentive to work on the bright, sunny days.

I want to be a welcoming person to those I meet. I want them to feel the warmth and love from my hospitality even if my house isn't perfect. No one really feels welcome in a perfect house anyway, if one actually exists.

(We might ask you to join in a game of Scrabble)

What is important is to let people know you want them in your home. You welcome them with food, with love, with a listening heart. They want to keep coming back because they know you are genuinely interested in them.

Go to Five Minute Friday to learn more about how it all works. You'll be welcomed!

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