Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Candle of Peace

For the fourth Sunday in Advent we light the candle of peace. One of the meanings of peace gives the impression of not having any stress or being anxious about anything. This was on my mind when I came up with the following poem, a simple picture of peace. 

Peace is like an oasis

where springs of water
cool and clear
parched lips and cracked skin

where a grove of trees
a shady place
granting relief from bright sun

where tired bodies
may find
a healing balm

leaving stress behind
they travel
to a place
of calm serenity

Peace is like an oasis.

I realize that peace doesn't always present itself this way, and many times we don't feel at peace. It is hard when so much is wrong in the world around us and even in our own lives. There is a peace that is greater than we can manufacture ourselves. It comes through knowing Jesus. He is only one who can bring true peace. 

We all want peace. We want to see everyone showing love and kindness to each other. Sometimes it seems like an impossible task, but we need to do our part right where God has put us. We need to actively seek peace as it tells us in Psalm 34:14: Turn away from evil and do good: seek peace and pursue it. Sometimes that means stepping out, going the extra mile to let the love of Christ shine through us in our everyday tasks. 

May you all have a wonderful Christmas, and may God surround you with His love and give you peace.

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