Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Candle of Joy

As part of my celebration of Advent I have been writing a poem to go along with each week's theme. As we light the candles each Sunday we see the darkness illuminated a little bit more each time. 

The first candle of hope reminds us of the surety we have that Jesus is coming again fulfilling His promises. 

The second candle reminds us that God is love and has proven that love by the death and resurrection of Jesus.

 This past Sunday we lit the third candle in our Advent wreath, the candle of joy.

The Candle of Joy

Joy comes following along
where hope and love have lingered
shining beams of brilliant light
to dance around unhindered.

Joy comes to us in our pain
when all our hopes are failing.
Christ has come, the promised one
for whom we have been waiting.

Joy comes like a bubbling spring
flowing deep beneath the ground,
bursting forth with pure delight
to spread healing all around.

Joy is with us through the night
though burdened with great sorrow,
showing us God's loving care
for now and each tomorrow.

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