Sunday, December 28, 2014

Intentional, My Word for 2015

I had not heard of OneWord 365 until late last year when some of my friends began talking about what their one word would be for the next year. That got me thinking it might be fun to try. My word for 2014 was ENJOY . Because we had made so many changes in 2013, I wanted to slow down and enjoy them. 

For the most part that word worked, but there were also some hard things that we had to go through which were not very enjoyable. In the blog post, 2014,Remembering, I share about some of the good and the bad. Looking back now, I can see how each event was a cause for learning and growing.

As 2014 draws to a close I have been thinking about what my word for 2015 should be. One of the words on my mind has been SHINE, as in letting my light shine encouraging others and pointing them to Christ. The word BRIGHT is another word I thought of. Either of those words could be good for me, but the word that keeps coming back over and over is the word INTENTIONAL. It seems like I'm finding that word more often in my reading, and it seems to jump out at me. One day I turned to a new chapter in a book I'd been reading and the title of it was “Intentional Family.”

You may wonder why I would choose a word like that. It almost sounds too serious and hard compared to words like shine or bright. There is a reason, and I believe it is a very good one. You see, I am full of good ideas and goals and dreams and desires, but none of them will ever amount to much if I am not intentional about them.

In my post of January 3, 2014, My New Year's Resolutions, my last two goals were to clear clutter from my house room by room, and work on making our front porch/yard/garden areas aesthetically pleasing - a place to relax, enjoy the outdoors and entertain guests. Thanks to my daughter, Sara, we have made a lot of progress in the front yard and garden area. It is beginning to take shape and look nicer while providing food for us to eat.

The inside clutter is another story. The house seems just as cluttered or more so than it was when I made those goals at the beginning of the year. It's easier just to ignore the mess and get on with our everyday tasks and interests. It seems to me the only way I am going to get on top of it is to be intentional about it, plan times for it, then follow through. When I think about all my goals, the word intentional seems to fit best.

If I am intentional with my life:
  • My everyday tasks will be easier to accomplish.  
  • I will find time to read and meditate on Scripture and have a definite time of prayer each day for myself and to intercede for others.
  • I will be more disciplined and be able to complete things rather than jump from one thing to another feeling frazzled. 
  • I can actually be more relaxed having time to do the little things that encourage and bless and make me happy.

By looking to God for wisdom, strength, discernment and grace, I hope to live intentionally, being fully present each moment of the day, finding peace and contentment regardless of circumstances. Here is my latest art page and I think it sort of sums up how I want to feel. I want to have joy as I go about my tasks, be exuberant looking for beauty in ordinary places, take time to rest and relax each day, and look forward to times of silence. Fairy tale? Maybe, but I can dream, can't I? It might not be as impossible as it sounds.

The art page was inspired by this activity at Abbey of the Arts.
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