Friday, December 19, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Adore


According to Rhymezone the definition of the word adore is “love intensely.”

Using this definition I would say that I definitely adore my family including my husband, children and grandchildren.

We may not agree on things all the time, but there is intense love between us.

Whenever one has a problem the rest of the family is right there lending support in whatever way they can.

I am very blessed to have a family where the siblings love each other so much.

Sometimes we use the word adore to express how we feel about babies.

Sometimes it's used about kittens or puppies. We think they are adorable.

But to really adore I believe means to love deeply regardless of circumstances.

I do adore my family.

I also love God intensely so I adore Him. This Advent I want to find ways to adore Him more.

Join us for Five Minute Friday.  This is the last one for this year but will start up again in January, 2015.

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