Friday, December 5, 2014

Enjoying Time With Grandchildren

It's Five Minute Friday time again! This time the word is dear.  I have been thinking about it off and on all day trying to figure out what to write about. You could go in so many different directions with that particular word.  

This afternoon my oldest daughter and her dear children were visiting us. She has done some permaculture design for our land and she was revising it today.  The children were all full of energy as children usually are unless they are sick.  The first thing they wanted to do was to play the game Quelf again since they loved it last week when we played.  I popped some popcorn, which they all love and we ate it while playing the game. It's a little hard for the younger ones to understand but we helped them.

When they first arrived they all had to give me hugs. Do you know how precious hugs from grandchildren are?  I really am blessed to have so many loving grandchildren - 13 in all.  Five of them were here this afternoon.

Well, my time is up, but I'm not quite finished.  All of the children are so dear to me, and they always have lots to tell me about.  The oldest was showing me some of the doll clothes she had made. The boys always have something made from lego or pictures they have drawn. The next oldest was with me in the kitchen part of the time I was making supper. She was asking questions, smiling, and we just enjoyed being together.

The last thing we did was to read a book together.  When I saw the picture my daughter took of us I knew what I would write about - my dear, loving grandchildren. As they were leaving I got more hugs and two of them came back for more before they actually went out the door.  

(photo credit Sara Harding)

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