Friday, December 26, 2014

Christ, the Light

I've enjoyed writing poems for the month of December using themes of Advent - Hope, Love, Joy and Peace. Some poems have been easy to write. Others took a little more thought. To wrap it up I decided to take parts from each poem and/or add something new to end this Advent series of poetry from my heart.

Christ, the Light

Hope comes searching in the night
when belief is wearing thin,
shining glimmers of her light
upon a world fraught with sin.

Love comes searching bringing hope
for the weary, sick and lost
shining rays of brighter light
circling those in darkness tossed.

Joy comes following along
where hope and love have lingered
shining beams of brilliant light
to dance around unhindered.

Peace comes gently to our hearts,
where hope, love and joy abide,
shining forth with radiant light
reaching through us far and wide.

Christ has come, we now proclaim,
Baby, Shepherd, Savior, King,
shining as the one true Light
causing all to bow and sing
Glory to our risen King!

I wish you all peace and love throughout this Christmas season and into the New Year to come. I pray that God will bless you wherever you are, whatever your circumstances, with hope, love, joy and peace.

If you are interested in reading my other Advent poems you can find them here: 2014 Advent Poetry Series.

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