Tuesday, November 25, 2014

To Give Thanks

This week's topic for Real Talk Tuesday hosted by my friend, Marvia Davidson is Thankful Thoughts. This will be the last link up for the year. So to start off I want to give thanks for Marvia and for her beautiful life. She seeks to live authentically before God and people. She has been such an inspiration to me and many others. A couple of weeks ago I was able to meet her in person, and I think this photo captures her personality well! I'm so blessed to call her my friend.

I wanted to make this post special, but I just couldn't figure out what to say or how to start. I began by writing down things to be thankful for and intended to add pictures for as many as I could. As I thought about it more, it just seemed sort of superficial. Don't get me wrong. I am thankful for those things and I will list them here, but I wanted to make it more meaningful. 

My heart was heavy for friends who are hurting and for the state of affairs in our country. There is a lot of turmoil, and sometimes it seems like anger and hate reign among people who should be friends and neighbors. I did not want to just rattle off a list of items that I have been blessed with without thinking about the heartache others might be experiencing. But then I realized that maybe by genuinely being thankful and sharing that with others I might be able to encourage someone just a little bit.

So I did what I often do when I can't think of what to write. I went to my art journal and just started painting a page. When that dried I decided to put gesso over it and then add another color. Taking time to look through magazines for words and pictures I began gluing some to the art journal page.

After that my mind seemed to go blank and I couldn't think of anything else to do. It was getting late so I decided to leave it until morning and think about it some more. After breakfast this morning I looked through more words and it finally seemed to come together.

I'm thankful for my loving husband who is so good to me.
I'm thankful for all my children and grandchildren who bring me much joy.
I'm thankful that my mother is still with us, when two years ago we almost lost her.
I'm thankful for the sky and the beauty I see there every day.
I'm thankful for my friends both online and in person.
I'm thankful for creativity like art, poetry, photography and writing for my blog.

What are you thankful for this day? Please join us for the Real Talk linkup. We'd love to hear from you!

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