Sunday, November 30, 2014

Taking Time to Pause

The Gift of Nature

When I walk outside
on a bright autumn day
where the wind blows cool
making all the trees sway

When the air is crisp
giving me a slight chill
when my eyes look up
to see over the hill

It gives me such peace
a bonding with nature
as I breathe the air
so refreshingly pure

This is a lifeline
connecting me to God
who created all
down to the very sod

This gift of nature
So beautiful to see
Makes me feel I have
glanced at eternity

One of my favorite things to do is to walk outdoors quietly by myself. It helps me to clear my mind of unnecessary things and to focus on God and His creation. It's a good habit to develop daily especially when I think I just don't have time. That is usually when I need it most. When life seems overwhelming it helps to take time out and reflect on God, to be thankful, and to ask for help and guidance. 

As you go about each day, won't you pause a few short minutes from the chaos all around and think of God's gifts?

You may be going through a difficult time or a time of questioning and doubt, and not even feel like being thankful. Maybe you think God doesn't care. Beloved, He does care. I believe this with my whole heart. Though we can't see through the darkness, He can. He gives hope and will lead us through to the other side.

I'd like to invite you to meditate on this passage from the Bible found in the book of Romans. It's very encouraging to know that even when we have no words God's spirit speaks for us.

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