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More Adventures in South Dakota

Most of our time spent in South Dakota was very enjoyable, but some things were hard. We learned and experienced many things during our stay for the school year 1979-1980. You can find the first part of the South Dakota story HERE. Since I don't have pictures that directly relate to the stories in this post I will just include some that were taken while we were there.

(Steve and Sara pulling taffy)
We had become good friends with Glenn and Linda next door and Susan and Bob across the way. Linda and Susan were sisters. Susan liked Andy Williams and Linda liked Roger Whitaker. So at Christmas time we surprised them with Christmas albums by those artists. It was the first time we had heard Roger Whitaker and we became big fans of that particular Christmas album. It has been a tradition to play it every year in our home, so much so that our kids always looked forward to hearing it when it was time to open presents.  After the blizzard we had in the fall we did not really have much more snow that year, but we had lots of ice storms which made the plants look pretty.

Since the school had students from different places in South Dakota, not all the board members lived close, so they had to come a distance for a board meeting. Some of the them were not so kind to us. Because we did not make an effort to find out when they were coming so that we could invite them into our home, we were falsely accused of not being hospitable.

Our neighbors were very surprised at the accusation, because they had taken time to get to know us and had experienced our hospitality. At first I was just hurt and angry, because I thought the board members should be reaching out to us since we were new and didn't know how things were done. I knew the anger was wrong, but I also knew that I would have a hard time getting rid of it, so I asked God to please take it away. Answers to prayer don't always come quickly but this time it did. He took my anger away and I had a peace that I could not manufacture on my own.

Sara and Jamie loved drinking chocolate milk and they always brushed their teeth together.

One day, my friend, Susan, with her two younger children and I with my two decided to go to town. I don't really remember what we did, but I do remember on the way home that her car ran out of gas. At first she wasn't sure what had happened, because her husband always kept the car in running order. She managed to pull over before it completely stopped, and we sat there talking and trying to figure out what to do. There was a farmhouse pretty close so we decided to walk there.

I had been sitting sideways in the car facing Susan with my back to the door. When we decided what to do one of the kids got out of the car and opened my door without warning. Because the car was parked on a slant, I went sliding out the door as soon as it opened. I'm sure it looked pretty funny. I stood up and Susan asked in a laughing voice, “Did you just fall out of the car?”  I answered in the affirmative and we both had a good laugh.

We were in for another surprise, though, because as soon as we got the four kids together and started to walk, a whole herd of cows came running towards us. Imagine a large fenced-in pasture area with a bunch of cows heading straight for you. I knew that with so many they could easily break through the fence, and we were a little bit scared, but they stopped at the fence and just stared at us.

We continued to walk along and they walked right beside us on the other side of the fence as far as they could before we got to the farmhouse. Susan was able to call her husband to bring some gasoline and we walked back to the car without any more trouble. It was quite an adventure that I remember pretty clearly even though it was over thirty years ago.

Sara and Jamie loved to feed their dolls, and Jamie thought she needed to feed me, too!

After that particular school year the teachers were advised to look for another job, because they weren't sure the school would be able to stay open the following year. We realized that the climate there was not really good for us as Sara and I had respiratory problems a good bit of the time, so it was just as well that Steve find another job. This time it was for a school in New Jersey so we would be making another cross country move in less than a year's time.

(The girls loved the bouncing spring horse)
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