Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Let's Celebrate!

This week's Real Talk topic is Celebration. According to my friend, Marvia, nothing is too small to celebrate. We so often think something has to be really big for us to celebrate - it has to be a holiday, a birthday, or some other milestone reached.

Where did we get that idea?                        

Why can't we just celebrate life?

My friend Suzanne Terry puts it this way in her blog post for Real Talk, Feast - Just Because. "This is my favorite reason to feast – nothing.  No reason at all. I am prone to making elaborate dishes on a whim to savor just for the sake of savoring them."  Then she says, "You are alive. Celebrate!" In other words she's asking why we need a reason other than that we are alive. She also realizes that it's not always that easy. Most of the time we go from one thing to another missing the "right now" of our lives. 

We often just live for each event, counting down the days or we pine for things past wishing we could bring them back. Neither of these are healthy for us. I'm not saying we can't look forward to things or reminisce about past events. There is a place for that. What I am saying is that we so often miss little every day things in our habits of rushing through our lives to get to the next thing. 

Why do we need a reason to celebrate?

My answer is that we don't really need a big event to do something special. A couple of days ago my friend, Mary Beth Pavlik, shared a very enticing recipe called Apple Pie Biscuits that she had gotten from Joy the Baker. It looked easy and delicious, and I thought I'd like to try it sometime. Then I read Suzanne's post yesterday about feasting and celebrating and I was inspired. I decided I would make it that very night for dessert. 

Well, I didn't get to it that night but determined to make it this morning for breakfast. It was a hit! My husband felt like he was sitting down to a feast with his bacon, eggs and coffee and these special biscuits!

What if we chose to slow down and focus on the ordinary things of each day?

What if we woke up each morning with the goal of finding some beauty in our lives?

What if we chose to celebrate life rather than complain about what we don't have?

Maybe we would find ourselves a little more content and realize how much we do have to be thankful for even in the midst of our struggles and our hard things.

What if we looked at each day as a new door to open with wonder as we search for treasures in all shapes, colors and sizes and in ordinary and not so ordinary places? Would we find reason to celebrate?

Please share with us your thoughts on celebration. What do you like to celebrate? Join us at Marvia's Real Talk.

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